Growing great customer relationships
for independently owned businesses

Zebrareach is a customizable consumer engagement tool to meet your business needs.

We offer Mobile Marketing, Customer Rewards, Messaging, Online Orders/Transactions, and More.

Use all the features or just the ones you need. Zebrareach does not require a POS system or other complicated software. And you can also count on us for additional support when needed with a chat, email or phone call.

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  • Free customer app - helps grow your customer list!

  • Launch kit with 100 loyalty cards

  • Offers and messaging - award points, promote sales, etc.

  • Community group discount programs

  • Online ordering and transaction processing

  • Control panel for you to manage it all in one place

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Support independent businesses and get deals right on your smartphone

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If your favorite business isn’t on Zebrareach yet, tell them about us, or, let us know who they are and we'll tell 'em ourselves.